A few years ago I was out of shape and depressed, weighing a lifetime high of 260 pounds. I knew I wanted to lose weight and get in shape but didn’t have knowledge to do so until I started working out with Dave Lewter. His great wealth of knowledge and techniques, coupled with his ability to motivate and inspire, has guided me to losing nearly 100 pounds. Thanks to Dave I’m fit and motivated and have gotten into the best shape of my life.

When I came to Dave’s gym, I knew very little about boxing. Even though I had trained at other gyms, nobody ever taught me the way or the techniques Dave did. Now after just 1 year of training with Dave, I can feel comfortable sparring with other people and even with professional fighters. Nobody in south Florida will teach you what Dave will. From slipping punches to throwing combos, Dave knows it like the palm of hand. His method is simple but effective. It works for self defense or in sanctioned fights. He’s the best at what he does…”It just works”!!!”

Ricky Espana

I lived in West Palm Beach my whole life.  I been around the Martial Arts since the 2nd grade.  Trained in gyms from Portland Oregon, Reno, Miami, Hollywood Florida, Australia, and Thailand… I haven’t yet worked with someone as passionate and honest as Dave when it comes to Boxing.  He explains the fundamentals very clear which makes it exciting to get.  Dave is a pro when it comes to boosting someone’s confidence and self-esteem. He understands the importance of the mental game and injects it into everyone he works with. Dave is very honest and will tell you how it is, there is no questioning to what he has to say about the stand up aspect of a fight just positive results.” Chad Angelocci Stand Up/MMA Coach The Armory Wellington

“Dave has helped me develop my boxing and kickboxing game into a professional level. He has taught me not only the fighting aspect but the business aspect as well. Dave is not only a trainer but a teacher, a truly rare find! Thanks Dave!

Patrick Doty

I have been attending the Dave Lewter Boxing gym for the last 8 months. It has been a wonderful experience. The moment I met Mr. Lewter, I was amazed at how “kind” he was. I started taking classes immediately and have been “addicted” ever since. The lessons are “informative” and “educational” concerning the technical aspects of boxing, which is what I am interested in. I also lost 30 lbs since I started through the exercise program he does and proper dieting. (other students I know lost a lot more than 30 lbs). Mr. Lewter always answers any questions I have and seems to really care about his students .He has a love for boxing and an enthusiasm when he teaches. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single class I have taken there and I go around 3 to 5 times per week. I am looking forward to renewing my yearly membership and continuing to learn more


Dave Lewter’s Boxing gym is a great place to work out! The instructors are very courteous & professional in helping you to achieve any of your fitness goals. This gym has something for everyone–whether you’re a novice looking to learn boxing’s basic fundamentals Or just simply someone who wants to get into & stay in shape. In only nine months, I have lost over 85lbs! Choosing to go to this gym was the best investment in my health that I have ever made.

John Nguyen

I believe that Dave Lewter’s boxing gym has a positive influence on the West Palm Beach community. For me personally it’s a place that I can not live without. I better myself physically and mentally when I go into Dave’s gym. I met a lot of people in there that I believe had a positive influence on my life overall and I believe in the future I will meet more of those people. I think Dave is a very capable event organizer and trainer and I think he is the most proficient owner and operator of that gym.


I am 53 years old. I have been attending Dave Lewter’s Boxing Fitness Center for 3 months. Before I joined I suffered leg cramps, I could not bend down with out feeling dizzy. My weight in January 2008 was 237 pounds. That was the worst shape I have ever been in. As of April 30, 2008, I weigh 215 pounds and I feel great. I truly recommend Dave Lewter’s Gym.

James Rodriguez

I can without a doubt say that Dave Lewters Boxing Class and Gym are by far the best mental and physical workout.There is nothing better then feeling like you can do just about anything when your done with Lewters class.Dave is so passionate when it comes to teaching or talking with one of his students.If your looking to get into shape and learn something that is very valuable,coming to Dave Lewters Gym is the best thing for you.

Robert Adams

Prior to coming to the Dave Lewter Boxing Gym, I was completely inexperienced in boxing, and in average shape. After only a few months I’ve noticed dramatic improvement in my technique, my confidence, and my physical shape. All this is due to my time spent at Dave Lewter’s Boxing Gym. Dave is a not only a great boxer and teacher, but a great person as well. He runs a great gym with a real sense of community. Whether you’re a beginner (like myself), very experienced and skilled, or just looking to get in shape, Dave will welcome you and help you reach your goals.

Pat McKenna

No matter how long the day may be, I walk through the door of Dave Lewter’s Boxing & Fitness and I feel my mood start to change. Twenty minutes in and I am sweating….and smiling. I know all about endorphins and such. But its more than that. The atmosphere is challenging and encouraging, welcoming all levels to come in and thrive. Its Dave. He really gets people. Somehow he brings a level of warmth to the sport of boxing, making it an attainable hobby, or more, to everyone who enters the door. Thanks Dave!

Linda Brownstein

I want to comment on Coach Dave Lewter. I have been attending Dave”s boxing classes for over 2 years. He is the best! Also how many Boxing coaches take time to volunteer on Saturdays to help get unwanted dogs adopted? Yep Coach Dave was right there at Countdown to Zero the big adoption event for unwanted animals last week at the Convention Center. He helped me get Bumble Bee adopted and helped show Tilly a Deaf Dogo/Lab mix. So come join this great class and contact coach Dave. He not only was a great fighter but fights for the unwanted dogs of Palm Beach County! You are the best Coach Dave!

Marguerite Panzarello

I embarked on my body changing journey with Coach Dave Lewter in March of 2017. I’m a 38 year old male, 5’11, and was weighing just shy of 240lbs. I was the heaviest I had ever been, felt sluggish, lacked energy, and my physique lacked much to be desired. Although I have been in and out of the gym throughout the majority of my adult life, I quickly realized I didn’t know what I was doing. My routine had no purpose, no structure, and as a result was not yielding results. I can say since working with Coach Dave, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m now weighing 216lbs and feel better than ever. In such a short span, just 90 days time, I’m down 24lbs. The results and my physical transformation have been truly amazing. I have never felt stronger or healthier, and am the leanest I’ve been in my life. I can actually start seeing abs! Coach Dave’s passion for training and nutrition is clearly evident. Not only does he constantly maintain up to date on the latest most innovative fitness techniques, but his ability to teach, instruct, and implement these training methods are bar none. Coach Dave makes each workout challenging all while encouraging through positive motivation. Coach Dave is a natural born teacher, giving him all the great attributes anyone would want in a trainer. If you are ready to embark in a life changing journey, physically transform your body, challenge you limitations, and get in the best shape of your life, Coach Dave is the trainer for you!

Danny N.

Our 12 year (now almost 14) was having some bully issues. He had low self esteem and was very upset.  We signed up with Dave Lewter for 10 private boxing lessons. At lesson 5 I saw a change. Ashton did a 180! His self esteem improved and he finished his middle school career with good grades, a ton of friends, played many sports and his girlfriend was Prom Queen! I believe that Dave was a huge part of this! Thank you!
I want to give you my no-spin opinion of Dave Lewter—he knows the stand-up fight game better than anyone that I’ve ever been trained by. I have trained in various martial arts, on and off, going back to 1996, and most of the instructors have been paper tigers. Dave is the real deal. He has been successful in numerous boxing and kickboxing wars and he has a special way of imparting his knowledge to his students. His schedule is flexible and his prices are reasonable. If you’re looking to get in shape and/or improve your stand-up game, I would strongly suggest that you seek him out. There are no gimmicks when it comes to Dave—just pure effectiveness.
Jason J.

I honestly don’t even know where to start but one thing that is for sure my fighting has gone to another level and path ever since I started with Dave Lewter. As a MMA fighter not understanding boxing or even striking the proper way in MMA Dave has really taught me so much till I now can spar with pro fighters and actually be effective in either boxing, kickboxing or MMA. Dave has made boxing so much easier for me mentally and physically. I feel like I actually go and learn how to fight and not just throw combos for no reason. I drive an hour just to make his class or private lesson because how effective Dave is in his teaching every SINGLE time I go. I’ve never been more confident then I am now. I leave more confident every time I leave his class or training session with him. I’m smarter, less scared, and better then I was 7 months ago when I first started with him and I can’t thank him enough. It’s hard to find someone to train you in every thing they know because they want you to be successful to the fullest. His passion and love for boxing shows in his teaching and outcome of not only my fighting but others too. I’m very confident I will make it far one day just because of Dave and I get excited thinking about it. Dave, I just want to thank you for everything you have done and what u r willing to do for someone else’s success.


I have been interested in learning how to box for quite some time, but always was apprehensive if it was an environment that I would fit in. However, I am so glad I did. I was welcomed from the day I walked in, by not only Dave but my fellow gym members. dave is a true expert in what he teaches and is passionate in developing everyone’s skills. Boxing is an intense workout, an adrenaline rush, and an awesome skill to learn. You train along side amateur fighters, brand new beginners, and everyone in between and you train at your own pace so that you get exactly whatever you want from experience. If you want to increase your fitness, decrease your stress, learn a great technical sport while improving your overall quality of life, join.

Jess Jacobs

I’ve always been pretty athletic. From powerlifting to football in high school, then taekwondo to krav maga. I’ve also had various gym memberships to keep myself active. After 3 months of joining Dave Lewter’s, I’ve never been so happy with my body as I am now. I can honestly say this is the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. With Dave and Franky’s training my new goal is amatuer golden gloves champion. Thank you Dave and Franky!

Jhnealle G

Member for over 6 months, and I honestly believe the future of the art and sport of boxing can be summed into 2 words “Dave Lewter”. His method is effective, detailed, and enjoyable. Through his training he helps you develop technique that will help you reach any goal(s) you may have. I’m living proof, my start weight was 265… I now weigh 237 (original goal was 245 – new goal is 220). Dave, I couldn’t have done it without you and Frankie.


So, everyone knows that feeling of wanting to find a way to let out frustration, anger, aggravation, all those things that build pressure like a volcano…..so why not boxing or Muay Thai! Well, that may be the reason you went, but it won’t be the reason you stay. What I discovered was a place and people where you can just let go of everything…you just focus on what you’re doing. Your mind has no time to wander…it is busy learning from people who really know how to teach you. It is a place to feel safe. Weird? Nope. It’s a boxing gym…and I’m a girl, right? Doesn’t matter. These are amazing, decent, caring people and you get taken into the fold and included. It is a place where you can become strong both physically and mentally, even when you don’t think you have it in you anymore……You will push yourself because it makes you feel good. And you will learn. Every day you will readjust where you thought your limits were. And all in an environment of mutual respect and, quite honestly, fun! I won’t keep Dave’s gym a secret….when you have found something you truly enjoy, you have to share it!!!

Katrin Callaway

Like many people when I was younger I was in great shape, but as I got older, I let my weight get out of control. I knew going to a traditional gym was not for me because I found it boring. Also, I felt I needed someone directing me on what to do each workout. I’m thrilled I joined Dave Lewter’s Boxing. I was not interested in learning how to box but I wanted to train like a boxer. I knew it would be a fun workout different from boring exercise at a gym.  The classes are amazing and the instructors are great. I have been a member for 4 months and have lost 20 pounds. Best of all, my blood pressure is now normal and I no longer need to take any medications.  My doctor couldn’t believe how fit I have become in such a short time and that’s only going to the gym twice a week.  I feel healthy and look good, and I am very motivated that so much change occurred in such a short time. Its a great place to workout and everyone is very supportive.

Steve Adler

A few months ago I decided I needed to get into shape and find something I liked doing enough to stay with it. Recently I’ve lost 45 pounds in nine months using the teachings and techniques I’ve learned at Lewters Boxing Gym. Lewters is a friendly, family oriented place where people of all ages and fitness levels can go to receive quality instruction in a comfortable setting. Dave is an excellent instructor who is dedicated to helping his students achieve their personal fitness goals. Thanks to Dave and the friendly people I’ve met at Lewter’s Boxing, I’ve found a fun and interesting way to keep in shape for life.

Joe Duley

I have had the most enjoyable experience attending Dave Lewter’s Boxing and Fitness. I first joined the gym to exercise and learn the technical form of boxing, but my journey has developed into so much more. It was apparent from day one how eager and enthused Mr. Lewter is about his instruction. It is hard to put this into words, but every class seems almost “magical” in the sense that Mr. Lewter’s passion really seems to shine through. His love of boxing is very apparent throughout the gym. My expectation of exercise and learning a new sport have been far exceeded. I would recommend this boxing school to anyone of any age.

Mark Pruzansky

Prior to joining Dave Lewter’s boxing gym in October 2007, I exercised strictly by doing weight training and I was truly under the impression that I was in above average shape. That all changed from the moment I started training in Dave’s gym. Although I still do weight training, I feel that the cardiovascular and plyometric exercise that Dave’s unique style of training offers has rounded out my physique to the point where I can say that at almost 31 years old, I am in the best shape of my life (I was 205 lbs when I started, and I am now 185 lbs). I feel fantastic; lighter, quicker, and stronger, more aware of my body’s abilities, and more confident than ever before. In addition to all of these benefits, I am learning something that is not only fun and interesting in itself as an art form, but it has practical applications in the realm of self defense. As I have progressed, Dave’s attention to technical detail, infectious energy and constant encouragement has pushed me to want to become better as a fighter as opposed to just doing this to stay in shape. I cannot thank Dave enough for everything he has done for me. I recommend this gym to all of my friends, and I recently got one of them to join. He is becoming addicted to it as well. Thanks Dave!

Rob Scaramangos

I Have been a member of Dave Lewter’s Gym for almost a year now. The journey has been amazing. I lost over 65 pounds!! When looking for a gym I was using the monthly fee as an excuse not to exercise. I have been able to come off and stay off my high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. The membership is less than both my co-pays were for the monthly medication. Not only am I in shape, now I also have learned how to defend myself. I have made some great friends and I would recommend anyone that wanted to get in or stay in shape to give Dave Lewter’s Gym a try. They won’t be disappointed because Dave Lewter gets results.

Charles Remy

I met Dave Lewter a year and a half ago and I knew from watching one class he was the real deal. He has a database of knowledge when it comes to Boxing/Standup fighting. His methods are proven and applicable to real world situations. He holds nothing back when it comes to teaching, he’ll give you all the answers for training. I’ve trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and taken some kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do instruction but this is by far the most realistic standup fighting I’ve learned. You’ll never realize how much you’re missing out of your training until you step into the ring with Dave Lewter!!

Jeremy Hagler

I am not a naturally athletic or coordinated person, but Dave has helped me to become the beast that I am today. I’ve gained nearly 20lbs of muscle and I almost have less than 7% body fat. And thanks to Dave’s dedication and 1-on-1 training I am currently an undefeated amateur boxer and I intend on keeping it that way 🙂 Thank you Dave and everyone at the gym who helped me achieve these goals. Now I can safety walk the streets with my head held high because of my new found level of confidence received at Dave Lewter’s Boxing Fitness Gym.

Jamie Williams

Dave Lewter’s Boxing is very good place to lose weight and to learn boxing techniques. Before I registered in Dave Lewter’s Boxing, I weighed 207 pounds. After six months of training in his gym, I lost 46 pounds. Another thing I like about it is that when you do his technique classes he instructs very well. He doesn’t rush thru the techniques. He makes sure you’re doing the techniques right, and if he sees you make a mistake, he will correct you and work with you in class and after class. I have made some great friends and I would recommend anyone to join Dave Lewter’s Boxing Gym to get in or to stay in shape because Dave Lewter gets results. Trust me. I know.

Manuel Cayo

David Lewter’s Boxing Gym has been a blessing. After moving down from New York last year, it took a while for me to find a Boxing Gym that was worthwhile. I visited a few gyms, but their hours were limited, they had unreasonable price packages, while their training and attention was the norm. I finally found David Lewter’s Gym, and right away I noticed the difference. I was able to attend the first class, free of charge, in order to get a real demo. Just to note, some places were charging me just for a one day demo and required me to buy hand wraps for the demo. After the first class I noticed the difference in regiment, compared to other places. The class consist of: A quick warm-up, A demonstration of Boxing Techniques used in real-life fight situations, Demos also include References and Reasons as to how and why Techniques were used during David’s Fight Career, Hands on training using the Heavy Bag and/or Exercising Boxing Techniques with a class partner, The final stretch includes a well fitting cardio that contains exercises that will tune all parts of your Body Frame. In some classes, the Hands on Training is mixed in with the Cardio Exercises, which creates a fast pace and versatile workout. I joined David Lewter’s Gym 4 months ago and I have lost 20 Pounds the right way, while increasing my stamina. My peers and I are noticing the change in definition. The Gym also consists of a work out area which contains popular exercise machines and Boxing equipment; such as heavy bags, speed bags and a Boxing Ring for when you’re ready. Joining David’s Gym as been a good experience. The training is great, the hours are flexible, the price packages are reasonable and it has a family atmosphere, which is hard to find. I recommend David Lewter’s Gym and a visit is worthwhile. Give it a try.

Alex C

My involvement with Dave Lewter’s gym has been a life-changing experience. Before training, I was grossly out of shape, weighing in at 230 lbs. I knew nothing about boxing, or fitness in general, and led a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve since come a very long way, losing 70 lbs. I have completely changed my physical appearance, as well as increased my overall health. I have dramatically increased stamina and confidence and am now well on my way to competing in amateur boxing, all thanks to Dave Lewter. I cannot begin to thank him enough for what he has done for me. My life has changed completely.

Ryan M. Burk

I lived in West Palm Beach my whole life.  I been around the Martial Arts since the 2nd grade.  Trained in gyms from Portland Oregon, Reno, Miami, Hollywood Florida, Australia, and Thailand… I haven’t yet worked with someone as passionate and honest as Dave when it comes to Boxing.  He explains the fundamentals very clear which makes it exciting to get.  Dave is a pro when it comes to boosting someone’s confidence and self-esteem. He understands the importance of the mental game and injects it into everyone he works with. Dave is very honest and will tell you how it is, there is no questioning to what he has to say about the stand up aspect of a fight just positive results.

Chad Angelocci Stand Up/MMA Coach The Armory Wellington

Sixteen months ago I decided that I had better start exercising. I had recently turned sixty and had been leading a sedentary life for several years. And at five feet ten inches and 136 pounds, I was also underweight. What I did not want was just another run-of-the-mill gym offering only boring and repetitive weight training exercises. I needed an interesting form of exercise where I could also learn a new skill. That’s where boxing came in. I joined Dave’s gym because of its friendly atmosphere that welcomes men, women, and children of all skill levels. I was surprised to see professional boxers training under the same roof as beginners and children. And not the least of which is Dave Lewter. Dave is a first rate boxer, a first rate teacher and a first rate person. It is always a pleasure to enter his gym. In the past sixteen months I’ve taken numerous boxing classes and private lessons and have gotten back into shape, gained eleven pounds of muscle and have had a great time learning a new and useful skill.

Bill McCullough

As a mother, nothing makes me happier than to see my children participate in activities that boost your self-confidence and health! My daughters, Christy and Karla thoroughly enjoy Title Boxing Club Royal Palm Beach, but they more enjoy working with Dave. He motivates them to correctly execute boxing techniques, and makes their experience so incredibly fun! Prior to working with Dave, Christy felt discouraged and exhausted after her work out, now she loves the classes! Karla is left-handed and had trouble learning many of the moves. Dave immediately and professionally accommodated Karla, and encouraged her in ways no one else could. I would like to sincerely thank Dave for his patients, charisma and professionalism. Christie, Carla and me are thrilled to have him for instructor, and can’t wait to continue our training.

Christina P.

I had 7 years MMA experience and a bum knee when I met Dave for the first time. I was starting to get headaches after hard sparring and went in for a knee repair to get back on my feet. Through out my recovery I started out at Dave’s fundamental boxing class. It wasn’t too long that I was invited to the advanced class. I found myself learning how to fight after I had already decided to stop fighting. (3-0 MMA) I really enjoyed learning and although it took me a bit to catch on, I was hooked.
Dave has a unique way of training. The way he shows the technique, his story’s that relate to the current class, discussion of scenarios, and of course real life situations and having the answers to what is currently happening. I found myself not only wanting to be a better boxer, but a better person.
As I continued to grow he had told me I would be tough get better with out sparring. I explained to him my situation w the headaches and proceeded to take his class for the next 2 years. I slowly popped into sparring sessions throughout those 2 years and that brings me to today. I have been sparring for a year now. I study boxing and my sparring partners. Making adjustments in class and plain and simply enjoying life. Saturday morning sparring is the class I look forward to all week. I cant thank Dave enough for all he has taught me. I would recommend his class to anyone.
I don’t just train at Elite, I am an Elite boxer.

Jeff Boyer

I can’t say enough good things about Coach Dave Lewter. Over 3. 1/2 yrs. Ago I started working out with Dave. I was 61yr. Old at the time and felt very foolish and was afraid to try boxing. But then I met Dave and everything changed. He gave me the confidence to start boxing and knew how to motivate me to believe in myself. I was so happy that he joined Title boxing as for 4 mo. I had stopped working out. I was in the hospital and became very depressed. When Dave told me he was coaching again at Title I made myself join your club and I am back to being happy again. I know i cant do what alot of the other members are capable of, but it doesnt matter because Dave is there to motivate and cheer me on. I watch how he handles new people and it is thru his patience and caring that they join your club! He is the real deal!!! I am proud to say I am a new member of Title boxing. Thank you Matt for having Dave Lewter at your gym. He is the greatest not only at boxing but being a true friend! Marguerite ” The Maniac ” Panzarello. 65 yr. Old and still going strong Title Boxing gets 5 stars from me!!!!!!

Marguerite " The Maniac " Panzarello